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Solar roofing installation

Our expert team of installers will take care of all the necessary steps to properly and safely install solar roofing at your home. We’ll evaluate the site, discuss options, order materials, manage permits and inspections, provide design plans as needed, and complete installation in a timely manner.

Maintenance and repair

We don't just set it and forget it. We provide scheduled maintenance and repair services for all solar installation products. We will inspect the system regularly to ensure it is functioning properly, clean panels, maintain batteries and inverters, and replace any components that need repairs or replacement.

Energy Storage

Solar panels are a fantastic start to a greener lifestyle, but what happens when the sun goes down? That's where our advanced energy storage solutions come into play. Store excess solar energy during daylight hours and tap into it during peak times or when the sun isn't shining. It's about taking control of your energy needs, 24/7.

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RevoluSun Idaho: Powering Your Future, Sustainably.

In an ever-changing solar industry, RevoluSun has been Idaho’s most trusted solar provider. With many companies having come and gone, RevoluSun’s unwavering commitment to quality shows in the people we hire, the services we offer and the products we carry. Our relationship with our clients continues long after the installation is complete. RevoluSun is proud to have over eight thousand families and businesses continue to rely on us for their home improvement needs including solar energy, battery storage, heating and cooling.

Why RevoluSun?

Professional Installation

We provide professional installation for solar roofing, energy storage, and Tesla power walls.

Competitive Pricing

Our competitive prices make it easier to transition your house into a sustainable source of energy.

Financing Options

We offer various financing options with flexible terms so you can choose the payment plan that best fits your budget.

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Our Services

RevoluSun Residential Services

RevoluSun is the go-to solar provider in Idaho, and for good reason. We get that folks in Idaho
treasure their independence. That’s why we’re not just any provider; we’re Idaho’s Certified Tesla Energy Installer.

If you’re looking to ramp up your home with solar panels and a TESLA Powerwall, you know who to call. Reach out to us today to make it happen.

RevoluSun Commercial Services

Thinking about cashing in on Idaho’s abundant sunshine for your business? Or maybe you’re eyeing ways to cut costs with energy-efficient upgrades? Either way, RevoluSun has got your back.

We combine top-notch products with quality installation and unbeatable service to help you reduce your business expenses the sustainable way.
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