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the basics of a revolusun system

Solar Panels

Industry leading durability, efficiency, and performance. We pride ourselves on selecting our panels with the best sourcing and warranties so only the best is put on your roof.

Tesla Powerwall

Think of it like a silent generator. The battery stores excess energy your panels produce that will allow you to go off grid or be used in the event of a power outage.

App Monitoring

When paired with solar, you can monitor every aspect of your home exactly to your liking, even if you’re not home remotely from your phone. 


A more intelligent electric panel, giving you energy data about your home with actionable, previously unknown insights to how you use electricity.

Join the revolusun

The power we all consume has always been created by large corporations that have a focus on lining the shareholders pocket. Now with solar we can take power back into our own hands by producing it for ourselves.

With RevoluSun, we will build out a custom solar system that fits YOUR needs, and allows you to own your power.  The sun is an abundant source of energy that can power the world! You just need to join the Revolusun.

Your power. Your choice.

Residential Homes Taking Advantage of Solary Energy through RevoluSun

Solar is the solution

There are so many awesome benefits to going solar. But how does it actually work? The panels are just glass, silicon, and metal wiring. All of those components form what is called a Photovoltaic (PV) cell. These cells are capable of taking energy from the sun and capturing it into DC current electricity. All this takes place in the solar panel.

The panel then connects to an inverter. The inverter changes the DC energy into usable AC energy which we can now use to power your whole home!

If your panels produce more electricity than you can use, that’s the best possible scenario. If you have a battery backup system, that extra energy is stored there. Otherwise, it’s sent back into your utility’s electrical grid earning you credits to offset your electric bill.

SOLAR components

Solar Panels

Composed of hundreds of PV cells linked together, creating a “panel” that you see on the roofs of homes.


A group of solar panels working together to power one location.


As an Idaho solar company we understand the climate and the way we mount the panels to your roof is important. Which is why we use premium products that will ensure no roof leaks.


The racking uses interlock technology and is made of premium metal to ensure that there is no rusting or warping over time.

tesla power wall-2

There's never been a better time than now to get prepared

Substation terrorist attacks, wind-storms and wildfires all threaten the grid and are causing record breaking power outages nationwide.

With home battery backup, never stress power outages again. While your solar panels power your home, the excess power charges your Tesla Powerwall. It’s like the world’s fastest and most responsive generator (that you don’t have to fill with fuel).

When the grid goes down your home stays warm, your lights stay lit, and your appliances keep on–keeping on!


Collects energy from solar panel.

Stores it in the event it's needed

Automatically shifts power to discharge from your battery in the event of grid outage

Provides stored energy to electric appliances in your home


It's The Future

Almost everything we use on a daily basis, which increasingly includes cars, relies on electricity. By going solar you are helping generate power that we all rely on.


It provides savings

Utility rates are increasing in Idaho every year. By adding solar you aren't subject to energy rate hikes and can have true ownership of your power, saving you money.


It's safe and reliable

As more and more people discover the beauty of Idaho. We acknowledge that renewable energy will help stabalize the demand for energy. Solar is the solution.


It increases property value

Based on recent studies by Zillow, by adding solar to any home it increases the overall value of the home by 4.1%


self powered home

Adding solar is the first step toward grid resilience. Many Idahoans want to not only generate their power but have full ownership by storing it too.


You help the environment

The sun is an abundant renewable resource that can help you reduce your carbon footprint. By going solar you are helping save the planet.

why go solar in idaho?